Norm Walker


words and music by Norman G. Walker © SOCAN

There are certain times in all our lives that are blown by winds of change
And some are chilled and sorrowful and some just bloody strange
And so it was with Rosa this story now I'll tell
She's gone but ne'er forgotten and for her now tolls the bell

So we bid farewell to Rosa / I'm sure you'd all agree
There'll be none as tame and none the same / Of poodle pedigree

It was in the town of Hong Kong in the summer '71
My wife and I from Zurich love to travel just for fun
Our loving angel Rosa was our pride and our delight
No offspring ere could quite compare
That dog was out of sight


It was in the early evening when we sat us down to dine
At a restaurant extravagant, we ordered up the wine
But no one there spoke English
Or any language that we knew
So we'd order from the menu, and we'd point at what we'd choose


Now we had our Rosa with us, thought we'd give her such a treat
We called to the head waiter, get her something good to eat
But with language as a barrier, we'd point to Rosa dear
And we'd gesture fain and hunger, but our message wasn't clear


Now the waiter was alarmed, confused, we couldn't really tell
He picked up darling Rosa, and we knew that all was well
He took her to the kitchen, for some tasty scraps, we thought
But our hopeful trust in gesturing, alas had been for nought


Eventually our meal was come, we'd waited quite a while
The waiters and the chef were there, with pride they broadly smiled
The silver lid was lifted, but our happy mood was lost
For there was Rosa, roasted, garnished in a pepper sauce.


We fled back home to Zurich, we don't travel any more
My wife has been in therapy, psychiatrists by the score
We thought we'd find another dog like Rosa, but 'twas in vain
Besides, poodles make me hungry, though it's best I not explain.

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