Norm Walker

The Prairie Pagans

© words and music by Norman G. Walker SOCAN

Come all you prairie kith and kin
Winter's time is drawing thin
Change of the season's now in spin
Soon the warm and southern winds
Will bring the time for dancing
All the lads and lassies know
The end of the winter is the melting snow
But there is no dancing 'til the spring is here
And for that we need a crocus.

So don your coats and rubber boots
We'll chart our course and plan our routes
Down across the pasture
On we go in hot pursuits
We're off to hunt the crocus
Many are the dangers there
The barbed wire fence and the cactus fair
Rose bush prickles and the old grey mare
And it's all for the want of a crocus.

We need a crocus as a sign of springĀ 
It surely is a sacred thing
Not an excuse for a prairie fling
And of its praises we'll have to sing
So all we want is a crocus
An early gopher will not do
A pussy willow nor a goose or two
But a buttercup might have to do
If we cannot find a crocus.

Our journey ends when someone said
"Behold a fuzzy and purple head
All on a brown and grassy bed
So still it may be live or dead
My god we've found a crocus"
Let the season now be spring
Arm in arm we'll dance and sing
Heel and toe we'll form a ring
All around the crocus.

It's homeward now we must repair
The way is clear the weather fair
Back across the pasture
We bid farewell to our comrade there
For we shall not pick the crocus
Of all the times if choose I may
To be out on the prairie on an April day
It's there I'll pass my time away
And it's all for the love of a crocus.

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