Norm Walker

Ohm's Law

© words and music by Norman G. Walker SOCAN

Come listen to my story of how the west was won 
It wasn't with a cannon or the barrel of a gun
It wasn't by those cowboys a herding of their stock
But by a lawman quite concerned about electric shock.

His name was Georgy Simon Ohm, physics was his job
His duty as the marshal was to try and tame the mob
He had to face those outlaws, but luck was on his side
'Cause Coulomb, Watt and Kirchoff were ridin' by his side.

It's Ohm's Law, electrons must be tamed
Voltage equals current times resistance is the game
So follow that conductor boys or leave your charge at home
'Cause if you don't you'll have to deal with Georgy Simon Ohm.

They rode into that town one day but never were surprised
To find the folks that lived there were all quite polarized
With negative ions on the left, positive on the right
That marshal knew this town was due for quick discharge of light.

The marshal and his deputies decided on the job
To neutralize the outlaw leader called Electron Bob
They found him in a honky tonk they called "The Cathode Bar"
The marshal said, "Electron Bob, let's see how tough you are".


Electron Bob was dangerous but wasn't very large
The marshal had a warrant, Bob then asked him "What's the charge?"
The marshal said quite clearly "You're surely bound for hell,
You've pushed your weight around just one too many outer shells".

The marshal calm as anything, continued with his claim
He said "I have a proton here inscribed with your own name"
That outlaw made his move, but he never passed the test
'Cause Georgy Ohm was faster, laid Electron Bob at rest.


Then Georgy and his deputies a strategy did draw
They gathered all electrons and explained to them the law
They'd have to move in currents and be pushed along by volts
And through conductors pass as amps and through the sky as bolts.

So all you electricians give thanks in every land
That Georgy and his deputies, courageously did stand
Without those laws no light bulbs would illuminate the night
And we'd be forced to watch TV by only candle light.


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