Norm Walker

No News

© words and music by Norman G. Walker SOCAN)

Come gather round you cowboys, come listen to my tale
A story of a rancher out on the round up trail
For three long weeks he'd been away, and longed for word from home
When his trusted old time cowhand came ridin' up alone.

"Come sit down here old Charlie, the campfire's burning bright
Come tell me all the latest news while evening turns to night
You surely are a friend to me as I have been to you
So tell me be it good or bad in any way you choose."

Old Charlie sips his coffee, sets quiet for a spell
Then turns to him right serious, the news him for to tell
"Your dearest friend old Bugler, that dog you've had since youth
Took sick and died on Monday, I'm sad to tell the truth."

The rancher bent in sorrow, old Bugler he was gone
"How could this happen suddenly?  Charlie please go on
Cause when I left three weeks ago, old Bugler he was fine
Still chasin' rabbits gaily and of sickness showed no sign."

Old Charlie changed his posture, he wasn't finished yet
He said that Bugler died from something that he'd et
"The barn caught fire the other night and burned clean to the ground
And killed your finest horses, burned horse meat killed that hound."

"What caused that dreadful fire?" was most obvious to ask
Old Charlie quite uneasy now continued with the task
"The barn had caught a spark from which the house caught fire first
The candles at the wake it seems was where the fire burst."

"Who died ?" he asked in fear but didn't really want to know
Old Charlie he continued, his voice now soft and low
"Your wife was killed by her dearest friend in the arms of the man she loved
The killer is now in custody and awaits the circuit judge."

The rancher sat quite silent, too numb too speak or cry
He'd lost his love, his house and barn, and wished that he could die.
Old Charlie said "Now listen son, I tried to ease the blow
Although I may have gone too far, this last thing you should know:

Your wife is fine and loves you alone, your house and barn stand tall
Your horses are still the finest stock and wait to hear your call
But Bugler's dead, that faithful dog, buried on a hill with a view
And that's about all I've got to report, 'cept that, there is no news."

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