Norm Walker

The Mexican Pet

© words and music by Norman G. Walker SOCAN

He was mine mine mine, a Mexican chihuahua
So friendly and cute, my pride and delight
'Twas clear we were destined to be friends for life
He was mine, mine, mine.

On a holiday in Tiajuana
That quaint little borderland town
I spent a few days living Mexican ways
One evening while strolling I chanced to look down
There at my feet was a doggy
With a sad mournful look in his eyes
I could tell he was hungry, the poor little thing
Took him back to my room
Tucked just under my wing

He was mine, mine, mine.......

We spent the rest of that week together
That cute little doggy and me
I soon named him Seemore, the name seemed to fit
He liked to explore and I liked to watch it
But my time for departure was nearing
It was clear that I'd have to decide
To smuggle him home I knew was a crime
But I rationalized, "Gee, it's only one time"

He was mine, mine, mine.......

I don't know how, but somehow I did it
I smuggled him home in my bag
I arrived back in Canada, at the border check desk
I declared my sombrero, my poncho and vest
But I neglected to mention my Seemore
Asleep in my handbag was he
I cleared my last check point and then I was free
We drove home together, my Seemore and me

He was mine, mine, mine.......

A week or two passed and I wondered
How to keep Seemore healthy and strong
I went to the vet, his shots for to get
I little suspected 'bout what could go wrong
But the vet seemed amused and suspicious
He asked where did I get this thing
I sadly confessed my smuggling crime
"He's a homeless chihuahua and he's a good friend of mine"
But the doctor was stern in his warning
He said "But this isn't a dog!
It's a Mexican sewer rat, to be blunt and not vague,
He's also carrying bubonic plague".

He was mine, mine, mine.......

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