Norm Walker

The Groundhog's Day

© words and music by Norman G. Walker SOCAN

Such a morning, wanna stay in bed
Warm and cozy just fine
Calendar clock says a quarter to nine
It's February second and I know that it's time
Turn on the radio and wait for the news
Half asleep until ten
Under the covers I can plan my day
I'll be warm until then
It was only last October when I crawled in the sack
So sleepy at the end of the day
Did I cancel the paper? Remember the sign?
The one that says "no milk today"
Stumble to the kitchen stove and start a fire
Grind the coffee too 
Had forgotten that linoleum could be that cold 
Back to bed and wait for the brew.

Smell of espresso brings me back to the world
Guess it's time to get up,
Grab my clothes, where's my shoes, then it's back to the kitchen
Sing a song about a java jive and pour me a cup
It's the same situation every year at this time
It's a job I must do
Poke my head out the door just to look for my shadow
Think I'll wait till after noon
There's a mountain of junk mail inside of my door
And some Christmas cards I'll have to go through
Some bills for utilities are long overdue
Guess they'll wait another month or two
Pick up a six string and I play me a song
Clock on the wall it says one
First I'll have some lunch and then I'll do my duty
I'll go out and look for the sun

The thing about eating, well it makes me tired
I'll just lie down on the couch
I've got the rest of the afternoon to check out the sky
If I take a little nap then I won't be a grouch
I open my eyes and it's half past four
Sun will be sinking soon
That's alright cause my shadow will longer
And I love a good sunset too
I waited too long and now the sun is gone
There isn't much left to say
I tune to the weather channel on the TV
To see if the sun did shine today
Back to bed cause it's been a long day
Now it's half past ten
Close my eyes and I dream of a sunny April
If you look, you'll see me
Look, you'll see me
Look, you'll see me ........(snore).

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