Norm Walker

Diamonds and Gold

© words and music by Norman G. Walker SOCAN

Where do you look where to begin?
Why does the hate start with the color of skin?
If you block out the sun and the earth should grow cold
All will be left is diamonds and gold.

What will you say what will you do?
For the hearts of the many, put down by a few
Millions are robbed enslaved and then sold
All for the price of diamonds and gold.

If you open your eyes if you look for the signs
You can see past the ghettos and into the mines
There are thousands of men who will never grow old
They pay for but never keep the diamonds and gold.


If you open your ears if you listen you'll find
You can hear all the crying of those left behind
Their poverty bought with riches untold
It was paid for quite dearly with diamonds and gold.


If you open your minds, if you open your hearts
If you open your hands, we can all make the start
For the power of many, the young and the old
Can overcome the power, of diamonds and gold.

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