Norm Walker

A Bell is Only a Bell

© words and music by Norman G. Walker SOCAN

A Bell
Is only a bell still,
'Til you make it ring
A song will want for expression,
So you give it voice to sing
A day, but a passing of time
So, you live its full array
And love is only a reason,
It's only nature's way
And love is only worth having,
When you can give it all away

A candle is only a candle,
'Til you give it flame
A pen will never be sword-like,
Until you write your name
A loved one will never have known it,
Unless you show you care
And a smile a thousand times brighter,
With loving friends to share
And friends will only be friends when,
You need them they'll be there.

A road is only a road 'til,
you follow it where it goes
A seed is only potential,
until you let it grow
A river just passage of water,
'til you take a drink
And words are in search of a poem,
in time consigned to ink
And poems are inspirations,
That give
To think.

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