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Dear Friends and Gentle Hearts CD

Dear Friends and Gentle Hearts

Chicken Strumstick Reel
Sweet Velzoe Brown:
Pie Made of Pumpkin
Dear Friends and Gentle Hearts
The Reel Gardener
James and Dorothy
Ballad of Alex Ronyk
Guardian Angel
Single Malt
Ballad of Ross and Anna
The Sun is Returning
Saskatoon a-Pickin'
The Rabbit Died:
The Apostrophe Squad Theme Song
Will the Circle Be Unbroken (the original hymn)

T-Time CD

T-Time: Time-Tested Tales - Tall & True

Interstellar Cowboy
Diamonds and Gold
End of the Roll
The Immaculate Conception
The Groundhog's Day
No News
Mexican Pet
Teen Angel/Interchange Two Phases
Ohm's Law
Llewelyn and Gelert

Apostrophe Squad T-shirt

The Apostrophe Squad T-shirt

The P.S.P.D. is dedicated to many issues and concerns relating to the English language including punctuation, spelling and general written language use and abuse. The Apostrophe Squad deals with apostrophe protection issues. If you identify with this struggle against injustice, or know someone who does, you can join. Just buy the t-shirt.

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Directly from Prairie Pagan Music

Buy CDs with a cheque or money order $20.00 (Can.) for U.S residents, $22.00 (US) includes postage & handling (Paypal coming soon!) to 2235 Robinson Street, Regina, SK Canada S4T 2R1 (Ask about discounts for sales of three or more.)

CDs are also available at McNally Robinson Booksellers, 3130 8th Street East (8th Street at Circle Drive) Saskatoon, SK Canada S7H 0W2.

Apostrophe Squad T-shirts


T-shirt costs: $25.00 (Canadian) or $27.00 (US) including taxes, shipping & handling to 2235 Robinson Street, Regina, SK Canada S4T 2R1. Please inquire for prices when shipping more than two t-shirts. Cheque or money orders only - Paypal coming soon!* Sizes available: Medium, Large and Extra Large.

Apostrophe Squad T-Shirt Measurements (approximate)


Under arm seam to under arm seam 20"
Length (collar to waist) 28"


Under arm seam to under arm seam 22"
Length: 30"


Under arm seam to under arm seam:24"
Length: 32"

Other sizes: Small, 2XL, 3XL and 4XL: please inquire.