Dear Friends and Gentle Hearts

Norm Walker

The Rabbit Died

(words and music by Norman G. Walker - 2006 © SOCAN)

I lived all alone on an acreage
In a house on the outside of town
One morning I opened the back door screen
And called for my dog to come ‘round
Old Yeller came running toward the house
And with Golden Retriever pride
He dropped a trophy of conquest to show
That a rabbit died.

That rabbit was not of the wild sort
But more of domestical breed
All covered in dirt and with dog drool
A sad little critter indeed
It struck me I’d seen that poor thing before
In a little girl’s arms just outside
The neighbour’s dear daughter could never know
How her rabbit died.

I took the furry dead bunny to
The bathtub to wash off the dirt
I shampooed and added conditioner
Then blow dried the body inert
I snuck next door to the neighbour’s yard
The bunny in the hutch I would hide
That darling girl would never know
How the rabbit died.

Next morning I saw a policeman parked
In front of the neighbour’s yard
I casually walked on to inquire
The cause of this visiting guard
He said a pet rabbit had died and so
Was buried two days, but why
Some sicko had dug up and returned the corpse
Of the rabbit that died.

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