Dear Friends and Gentle Hearts

Norm Walker

Pie Made of Pumpkin

(words and music by Norman G. Walker - 1997 © SOCAN)

As I rose up on the first of November
I strolled to the kitchen my day to begin
And there did I spy a last night’s reminder
The tormented face of a vegetable grin. / Sing …

Cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg and ginger
All that you want, it’s all that you need
Cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg and ginger
A pie made of pumpkin the world for to feed

‘Twas early springtime when I first thought of pumpkins
I went to the garden to work up the ground
Planted my seeds, staked and then watered
Then battled all summer to keep the weeds down. / Sing ... (Chorus)

So it’s cut up the pumpkin and bake for an hour
Mash up the flesh, the skin to discard
Roll out the dough that you need for a pie crust
Then crimp round the edges, it isn’t so hard. / Sing ... (Chorus)

It’s one and three-quarter cups of mashed cooked pumpkin 
Three eggs, one-half teaspoon of salt
One and two-third cups evaporated canned milk
Three-quarter cup brown sugar, then pause to exalt. / With ... (Chorus)

It’s two teaspoons cinnamon and one teaspoon ginger
One-half teaspoon nutmeg, one-quarter of cloves
Mix up the filling, pour it into a pie crust
Three-fifty degrees for an hour or so. / Sing ... (Chorus)

Your pie will be done when the middle part rises
When the crust lightly browns and a knife comes out clean
Cool by the window for a couple of hours
Then feast in delight of a Samhain cuisine. / Sing … (Chorus)
A pie made of pumpkin the world for to feed (3x)

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