Dear Friends and Gentle Hearts

Norm Walker

James and Dorothy

(words and music by Norman G. Walker - 2007 © SOCAN)

There once was a man whose name was James, from Moose Jaw he was hailing
He got the urge for travelling so on a Christmas cruise went sailing
‘Twas there he met a young and lovely lady from Toronto
From the moment that their eyes first met, a romance followed pronto
They spent two weeks of the Christmas cruise, the fires of love a-burnin’
To feed the flames and satisfy the longing and the yearning.

Now Dorothy was the lady’s name, she had fun when they were together
And the adventures of that Caribbean cruise, well nothing could be better
‘Til on the last night on the boat, they sat with margaritas
And talked and wondered if the New Year could be any sweeter
Says James, “I think we should maintain, and build a life together
You were made for me and I for you, these ties I’ll never sever.”

Says James, “There’s something I must say, before you give your answer
I have a small obsession and a call that must be answered
From spring and summer into fall, I live and breathe for golfing
From tee to green and fairways long, my heart and soul engulfing
I hope you’ll understand and see the truth of my confession
For to separate the golf from me, would seem like amputation”.

So Dorothy takes a breath and says, “Now my turn to be truthful
You need to know that I’m a hooker, and I think you’ll find it rueful”
A thoughtful and concerned expression covered James’ features
He held her under the mistletoe and kissed this lovely creature
He says, “This is a serious problem but both of us can lick it
‘Cause if we straighten your wrist and improve your stance,
Then I think that we can fix it”.

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