Dear Friends and Gentle Hearts

Norm Walker

Guardian Angel

(words and music by Norman G. Walker - 2003 © SOCAN)

Guardian Angel watch over me
Lean out from heaven so you can see
Keep me from danger, the pain and the hurt
Keep me from tasting the mud and the dirt
Guardian angel with your angel band
Play me a song and take hold of my hand
Lead me through peril to the close of the day
I need you to show me the way.

When I was a baby my mamma would shop
Off on a notion when prices dropped
The shopping cart full of groceries and more
I was strapped in my carrier midst treasures galore
We got back to the car and she started to pack
She opened the door, and she filled up the back
She put me in my carrier on top of the car
While making a space for some baby food jars
Then she got in the driver’s seat although there’s no proof
She drove us both home with me still on the roof
I never had such a car ride before
Such a view, such waving, such honking and more. … Chorus

When I was in college I once had a date
With a cheerleading beauty I wanted to mate
I drove her to a hill that looks over the town
A spot made for lovers with no one around
I was making advances my intentions were clear
The radio music was soothing and clear
But the DJ starts talkin’ about murder and rape
A dangerous criminal with a hook had escaped
My date got real frightened, so I locked all the doors
The romantic moment had passed with no score
I drove her back home, in her driveway she shook
‘Cause on the door handle, there hung a prosthetic hook. ... Chorus

I once had a dog I called Rusty by name
A Doberman pinscher of pedigree fame
A friend and companion, for protection at home
My two-bedroom bungalow, we lived there alone
One day I came home to my suburban nest
Rusty was choking and somewhat distressed
I packed him into the car and I drove to the vet
I left him there and went home for a rest
As I came through the door, there was a call from the vet
He said, “Get out of the house!”, then the policemen I met
Rusty was choking on three fingers of a man
A killer in the closet, with a bloody left hand. ... Chorus

My buddy from high school was living out West
He was drawn to the ocean and could swim with the best
He’d snorkel and scuba, did deep-sea dives too
When it came to the water, not much he couldn’t do
One day he was out about ten miles from shore
A great day for scuba and a reef to explore
When all of a sudden with a lurch and a jerk
He was pulled from the ocean, in a tank, in the dark
A few minutes later, no word of a liar
He was dropping from the sky to a forest on fire
They found him in full scuba gear, impaled on a tree
He’d been scooped by a water bomber, way out at sea. ... Chorus

There’s a guy that I work with, said his cousin’s great-aunt
Has a neighbour whose mother heard down at the bank
From a teller who was talking about a friend that she knew
A reliable source, so you know that it’s true
This feller on a business trip at a foreign hotel
Went out to relax at a bar he knew well
He met up with a woman in response to a wink
He invited her back to his room for a drink
The last he remembered was the drink that she made
He woke up in the bathtub, ice cold and afraid
With a telephone and a note that said “Dial 911
We’ve taken your kidneys. Don’t move ... Gotta run”. ... Chorus

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