Dear Friends & Gentle Hearts

Song descriptions & Links to Lyrics

  • 1. Chicken Strumstick Reel: A new addition to the barnyard collection of fiddle tunes, this time complete with clog-dancing chickens. The strumstick is a 1930s long, skinny, three-stringed variation of the diatonic Appalachian dulcimer (I call it the anorexic dulcimer). LYRICS
  • 2. Sweet Velzoe Brown: A tribute to my dear friend Velzoe Brown who has had one of the longest professional music careers in the USA. In March 2010, she entertained friends and fans with her current band, Velzoe and the Upbeats, at her 100th birthday in Santa Cruz, CA. LYRICS
  • 3. Pie Made of Pumpkin: A rare "recipe song". It is also one in the series of my "prairie pagan" type songs and is set on Samhain, the Celtic New Year, which falls on the day after Hallowe'en. LYRICS
  • 4. Dear Friends and Gentle Hearts: A tribute both to Stephen Foster and also to all the dear friends and gentle hearts whom we all have known. LYRICS
  • 5. The Reel Gardener: A bit of a "how to" summary of gardening on the northern Great Plains of North America. LYRICS
  • 6. James and Dorothy: A short story of Christmas, a holiday cruise, a romance and golf in a capella style. LYRICS
  • 7. Ballad of Alex Ronyk: This is about a local Saskatchewan colourful character who spent most of his life in Bienfait either as a coal miner or as owner/operator of a pool hall/ barbershop serving the needs of area miners. LYRICS
  • 8. Guardian Angel: An eight minute urban legend epic with five of the most common of these modern folk tales. And of course, they are all absolutely true. LYRICS
  • 9. Single Malt: This is about all you need to know about single malt scotch whiskey packed into one song, especially seasonally appropriate for Robert Burns Day, January 25th. LYRICS
  • 10. Ballad of Ross and Anna: A very old tragic story from west North Carolina. LYRICS
  • 11. The Sun is Returning: Another in the series of seasonal "prairie pagan" songs, this time focusing on the northern hemisphere's Winter Solstice. LYRICS
  • 12. Saskatoon a-Pickin': A saskatoon berry picking expedition as well as a bit of a nature adventure in the remote coulees and wooded ranch-land hills of southern Saskatchewan. LYRICS
  • 13. The Rabbit Died: Another in my collection of urban legend songs. LYRICS
  • 14. The Apostrophe Squad Theme Song: This is the theme song for The Apostrophe Squad special branch of the Punctuation and Spelling Police Department (P.S.P.D.). Do you have your t-shirt yet? LYRICS
  • 15. Magic: A 9/11 Truth Movement song. If you believe the official version of September 11, 2001 events, then you must also believe that the fundamental Laws of Physics were suspended for that day, and on multiple occasions. The real magic is in the mass deception and passive acceptance of the lies. LYRICS
  • 16. Will the Circle Be Unbroken (the original hymn): This is the song that inspired A.P. Carter to write the Carter Family country classic, written by Ada R. Habershon and Charles H. Gabriel, apparently in 1905 or 1907. LYRICS