T-Time: Comments, Observations and Insights

Norm Walker Performing

This is what not very famous folks said (the people that really matter)

Got a real kick out of your song today. You see, I was down in our power plant (1920's) trying to get unit 1 governor to behave and I happened to come up late for coffee and caught you on the radio (CBC). I really appreciated the song but I was sorry that everyone else had missed it. Tried explaining to the guys about this great song in a western style but on an electrical theme. So the upshot is they accused me of being nuts or else somehow Stompin Tom has been cloned. No I says. Thats like saying what's the difference between Anne Murray and Rita MacNeil. The answer is that this Norman guy is like Rita... he can really sing. I'll be getting one of your CDs here shortly and make this our plant theme song. Keep up the song writing. I am dying to hear the rest of the CD. Thanks, Joe

Delightful, as funny as I remember, and the round with Susan and the one about the bell made me cry. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! I was SO delighted! Diamonds and Gold was another one that just got me. Your song for Libba (Elizabeth Cotten) is SO beautiful. - Flip

Excellent compact disc, with 71 minutes of hilarity, pathos, and thought-provoking themes. I especially love the translation of urban legends into folk songs, Your accompanying musicians are real pros too. I shall enjoy playing Ohm's Law and Interchange Two Phases for my fellow hams, and for my significant other's eldest son, who is an electrician.....but I promise not to burn them bootleg copies. Ordering information only shall be provided. - Blair

Great effort! What a lot of super songs, singing, playing. And the production is top notch. Interstellar Cowboy is close to my heart (man it really swings) but there's lots of other favourites. I was particularly moved by Llewelyn and Gelert. It's such a folk album, as it should be, and the mix of science fiction, wild west, working class roots, cherishing family and friends and wry humour is wonderful. - Gord F.

Congratulations. We thoroughly enjoyed every part of the album. It's hard to pick a favourite as each piece appeals to a different mood &/or fits a different set of circumstances. The last song is particularly powerful, & a good note to end on. I'm glad to see your sense of humour remains as quirky as ever, tho'. - Brian R.